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The SwissBreathwork Academy is bound by the ethical standards of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA).

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BREATHWORK works miracles in just one or a few sessions ... We're not asking you to believe us, but to come and see for yourself!

Did you know that something as simple as breathing can help you access altered states of consciousness and be your personal ally? In fact, breathing allows you to address the root cause that is preventing the people you are accompanying from achieving powerful transformations.

As you know, many people are caught up in mental tales and have difficulty structuring or even channelling their thoughts. By using Breathwork in a specific way, you can IMMEDIATELY calm your thoughts and access the emotions that fuel this mental chatter. In this emotional state, it’s much easier to get to the root cause of blockages and, thereby, deal with them. In other words, instead of just treating symptoms (by working exclusively with the conscious mind), breathing touches the subconscious and uncovers unconscious blockages.

Discover how breathing provides the release equivalent to 10 years of emotional build-up in just one or a few sessions.

Discover why recent scientific studies have proven that the conscious mind occupies only 5% of our potential and that the other 95% is hidden in the shadows of our subconscious, our body and our unconscious.

Breathwork is an extremely powerful tool that uses the breath. It is unlimited and accessible to everyone in the world. By experiencing the power of the breath, we instantly feel a sense of inner well-being. May it become your tool for transformation and personal awareness, for yourself, for the people you accompany, for our children, for the adults of tomorrow.

Would you like to become a SwissBreathwork Certified Practitioner?
Our next online & in-person course starts in JUNE 2023

“During my first session, I asked myself a big question. “

Why isn’t this tool taught in schools, care centres and companies?

From that day on, I knew that one day I would work towards this goal.

I dreamt it, then manifested it, and here I am today, advocating and honouring the power of Breathwork in Switzerland.

Aline Toko, Founder of SwissBreathwork®


Accompanying people through Breathwork requires confidence in the technique and in yourself. It also requires concentration and commitment. Our training is engaging, because for us, we can only accompany others as far as we have gone ourselves. This is exactly what the SB Training Paths will enable you to experience, learn and anchor. First, you will have your own personal experience and transformation, then you will learn the best way(s) to communicate things that may come up during a session as well as developing a safe practitioner posture so that participants feel safe enough to experience it with you.

There are two flexible learning paths, allowing you to study either exclusively at home or to combine home study with in-person training.

Access to SwissBreathwork® Certification and join the breathwork community in Switzerland. Meets the 400h GPBA ethical standards of the International Breathwork Alliance.

A revolutionary, safe and effective method rooted in the latest science and research on psychosomatic therapy, trauma release and the functioning of the human nervous system.

A team of practitioners to guide you on your path.

A rich, experience-based training experience that combines virtual learning, practical work, group sessions and exercises, self-study and mentoring in a training format that is unique in Switzerland.

The opportunity to develop your business with a fast-growing tool that makes a major contribution to collective and personal well-being.

Is Breathwork right for me?

You are a coach, facilitator, practitioner, therapist, health or human accompaniment professional wishing to work with people using a powerful tool for transformation.

You want to learn how to support the people you work with both online and in person.

You have a strong desire to help the people you accompany and your community to develop their emotional well-being and mental clarity.

You would like to deepen your understanding of the ” relationship with Breathwork ” and the power of co-regulation of the nervous systems.

How to integrate this technique into your work with the people you accompany, your corporate well-being, your groups and retreats, your One-to-One, duo or group accompaniments.

To develop a deeper understanding of how the nervous system communicates and how to maintain a safe space for emotional release. This is where the practitioner’s posture comes in, and it has to be extremely grounded. We’ll accompany you on your journey.

Breathwork is a calling, a mission. If you are called, it means that there is an opportunity for you to make a precious decision that will transform your life and that of the people you accompany.

It can be a rapid and transformative tool for your customers, your participants and your patients. It is accessible, unlimited, abundant and extremely powerful.

Do you have any questions, doubts or queries? Book a zoom session with Aline, who will help you answer all your questions.


Our SwissBreathwork® Team


Aline Toko

Founder & Director
Certified Breathwork Practitioner & Training Guardian Holotropic Breathwork @somabreathe

Marc Niehaus

Certified Breathwork Practitioner & Training Guardian Alchemical Breathwork @alchemyofbreath

Jéromine Schenk

Certified Breathwork Practitioner & Training Guardian. Connected Circular Breathing @AliveBreathwork
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Sasha Melina Nino

Certified Breathwork Practitioner & Training Guardian. Xamanic Breathwork

Devenez un praticien & une praticienne Certifié SwissBreathwork

Cette formation est pour vous si…

  • Vous southaitez transwformer la vie des gens et de votre communauté
  • Les accompagner a developper leur bien etre emotionnel leur clarté mentale
  • Vous êtes un coach, facilitatrieur.trice, praticien, thérapeute ou professionnel de la santé et de l’accompagnement humain qui souhaite travailler avec des personne en utilisant un outil puissant de transformation.
  • Vous voulez avoir une compréhension plus approfondie de votre propre système nerveux et des outils pour vous réguler tout en corégulant avec les personnes que vous accompagné.
  • Vous souhaitez développer Vvotre activité avec les personnes en 1: 1, en groupes, en retraites, en entreprise
  • Vous cherchez à apprendre comment soutenir les personnes que vous accompagner à la fois en ligne et en personne.

Dans cette formation, vous apprendrez… ​

  • La posture d’un praticien & praticienne
  • Une compréhension approfondie du corps et de la respiration
  • Auto-pratiques pour vous aligner en tant que praticien & praticienne
  • Développer une compréhension plus profonde de la communication du système nerveux et comment maintenir un espace sécuritaire pour la libération émotionnelle
  • Comment organiser des sessions 1:1, des groupes et des sessions Zoom
  • Comment intégrer cette technique pour travailler avec vos clients idéaux, votre bien-être en entreprise, vos groupes et vos retraites.
  • Guide & tips pour mener à bien votre méditation guidée d’accompagnement


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