WELCOME to SwissBreathwork for Professionals


The Swiss Breathwork Academy for Professionals is poised to launch its third cohort of practitioner training in Switzerland.

This program is open to all individuals aspiring to become practitioners in Breathwork, offering a comprehensive and unique 400-hour training complete with exams and SwissBreathwork certification.

This path is exceptional as you will experience four Breathwork methods. YOUR way of working through breath must become intuitive and aligned. We share four Breathwork methods so you can guide intuitively, as the breath demands. This path allows you to hold individual spaces, in duos, groups, online and in person, and to be certified and referenced as a SwissBreathwork® practitioner. (400h GPBAFor more information and registration, please visit https://swissbreathwork.com/product/formation-presentiel-cohorte3/.

Join us on this journey towards a more serene, productive, and fulfilled professional world, where every breath counts.



Corporate Sessions

Our corporate breathwork sessions are designed to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of employees. Each session, lasting 60 to 90 minutes, is led by a certified Swissbreathwork B2B practitioner. Our sessions are suitable for all levels, considering contraindications and require no special equipment. They can be organized in a meeting room, as per the company’s preference and feasibility.


– Reduced stress and anxiety
– Improved focus and productivity
– Enhanced team cohesion
– Increased energy and vitality

Types of Sessions:

– Discovery Session: Introduction to breathwork with basic techniques.
Advanced Session: More in-depth techniques for those with prior breathwork experience.
Thematic Session: Focus on specific themes like stress management, creativity, or relaxation.

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Become a SwissBreathwork B2B Practitioner for Managers & Executives

Our manager training is designed to integrate breathwork into the company culture. These workshops provide managers with the tools to guide their teams in breathing exercises, thus improving collective wellbeing and performance.


– Breathwork techniques to manage stress and pressure
– Strategies to integrate breathwork into teams
– Approaches to encourage and maintain breathwork practice within the team


– Comprehensive training to become a SwissBreathwork B2B Practitioner, 400h
– Complete training support, including guides and videos
– Post-training follow-up to ensure successful implementation

Soon, a tailor-made training for employees/executives/managers serving well-being in the company

Online Workshops

Our online workshops and seminars offer a flexible solution for companies with remote or hybrid teams. These sessions are accessible via an online platform and can be attended from any location. FR/DE/EN


– Live sessions guided by SwissBreathwork practitioners
– Interactivity with Q&A sessions
– Event Calendar:

  – Weekly Workshop: Weekly session to maintain regular practice
  – Monthly Seminar: In-depth session on various breathwork-related topics
  – Special Events: Thematic workshops related to special events or times of the year


Customized Programs

Company Needs Assessment
Detailed Description: Assessing the company’s needs is a crucial step in ensuring the effectiveness of our breathwork programs. This assessment is carried out in several phases:

– Initial Interviews: Meetings with HR managers, executives, and employees to understand the company culture, values, and unique challenges.
– Survey and Analysis: Distribution of a detailed questionnaire to gather data on stress levels, well-being, and other work performance indicators.
– On-site Observation: Visits to the premises to observe the work environment and employee interactions.
– Data Analysis: Compilation and analysis of collected data to identify key areas for improvement.
– Evaluation Report: Presentation of a detailed report with customized recommendations for the company.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine workplace well-being through the transformative power of breathwork. We are committed to helping businesses cultivate healthier, more conscious, and more productive work environments. Our goal is to demonstrate how a practice as simple and fundamental as conscious breathing can have a profound impact on mental health, job satisfaction, and overall employee performance.

We strive to make breathwork accessible and suitable for the professional context, providing tools and techniques that can be easily integrated into the daily routine. Our vision is to create a world where every business recognizes and values respiratory well-being as a key element of professional and personal success.

As you know, many people are caught up in mental stories and struggle to structure or channel their thoughts. Using Breathwork in a specific way, you can IMMEDIATELY calm your thoughts and access the emotions fueling this mental chatter. From this emotional state, it becomes much easier to tap into the root cause of blockages and address them accordingly. In other words, instead of just treating the symptoms (by working exclusively with the conscious mind), breathing touches the subconscious and uncovers unconscious blockages.

Our Values

  •  Integrity: We act with honesty and transparency

  • Innovation: We are constantly seeking new ways to integrate breathwork into the professional environment, utilizing science, research, and creativity to guide our approach.

  • Compassion: We place the well-being of individuals at the heart of everything we do, creating programs that respect and value each person.

  • Collaboration: We believe in the strength of teamwork and the synergy between different players in the company to maximize the impact of our programs.

  • Results-Oriented: We are committed to delivering concrete and measurable results, with a focus on continuous improvement and achieving our clients’ objectives.

  • Sustainability: We promote sustainable practices, both personally and professionally, encouraging lifestyle and work habits that support long-term health and the well-being of the planet.

Breathwork is an extremely powerful tool that utilizes breathing. It is unlimited and accessible to all employees. By experiencing the power of breath, we instantly feel an inner well-being. It then becomes a tool for transformation and personal understanding.

During my first session, I asked myself a big question.

“Why is this tool not taught in schools, care centers, businesses?”

Since that day, I knew that one day I would contribute to making Breathwork accessible to everyone.

I dreamed it, then manifested it, and here I am today, developing and honoring the power of Breathwork in Switzerland.

                                           Aline Toko, Founder of SwissBreathwork®

Certification Program Description

Certification Program Description: Our enterprise certification program is designed to recognize and value organizations that effectively integrate breathwork into their corporate culture. This program aims to encourage businesses to adopt respiratory wellness practices, not only to improve the health and well-being of their employees but also to foster a more productive and harmonious work environment.

Certification Process:

  1. Initial Assessment: An initial audit to assess the level of breathwork integration in the company.
  2. Training and Implementation: Tailored training for employees and managers, followed by the establishment of regular breathwork practices.
  3. Ongoing Support: Continuous support to ensure the effectiveness and adoption of practices.
  4. Final Evaluation: A follow-up audit to assess progress and the program’s impact on the company.
  5. Certification Award: Issuance of a certificate recognizing the company’s commitment and achievements in breathwork practice.

Certification Benefits:

  • External Recognition: The certification acts as a mark of distinction, showcasing the company’s commitment to employee well-being.
  • Employer Brand Enhancement: A certified company more easily attracts and retains talent concerned with their well-being.
  • Internal Benefits: Improved health and well-being of employees, leading to reduced stress, enhanced focus, and increased productivity.
  • Positive Publicity: Use of the certification in the company’s marketing and communications to enhance its image and reputation.

Criteria for Certification:

  • Regular Commitment: Regular and integrated practice of breathwork within the company.
  • Training and Awareness: All levels of the organization must be trained and made aware of breathwork techniques and benefits.
  • Follow-up Measures: Implementation of measures to evaluate the impact of breathwork in the workplace.

SwissBreathwork for Professionals for my Company ?

SwissBreathwork for Professionals offers an innovative and scientifically proven way to improve the mental and physical well-being of employees, thereby increasing their productivity and job satisfaction. By investing in the respiratory health of their staff, companies demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being, which can also enhance their brand image and attractiveness as an employer.

Make a difference!

“Revolutionize your company’s vitality with the power of breath: Discover how breathwork can transform well-being, productivity, and harmony within your organization.”

Our Team SwissBreathwork®


Aline Toko

Fondatrice & Directrice
Certified SwissBreathwork Practitioner, B2C & B2B & Training Manager, HR & Training Specialist in an international company for 15 years, Holotropic Breathing @somabreathe

Marc Niehaus

Certified SwissBreathwork Practitioner & Trainer B2C & B2B Former Theravada Buddhist Monk Alchemical Breathing @alchemyofbreath

Jéromine Schenk

Certified SwissBreathwork Practitioner & Training Manager, B2B & B2C, HR Specialist, Connected Circular Breathing @AliveBreathwork
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Sasha Melina Nino

Certified SwissBreathwork Practitioner & Training Manager. B2C & B2B Shamanic Breathing & Curandera

Devenez un praticien & une praticienne Certifié SwissBreathwork

Cette formation est pour vous si…

  • Vous southaitez transwformer la vie des gens et de votre communauté
  • Les accompagner a developper leur bien etre emotionnel leur clarté mentale
  • Vous êtes un coach, facilitatrieur.trice, praticien, thérapeute ou professionnel de la santé et de l’accompagnement humain qui souhaite travailler avec des personne en utilisant un outil puissant de transformation.
  • Vous voulez avoir une compréhension plus approfondie de votre propre système nerveux et des outils pour vous réguler tout en corégulant avec les personnes que vous accompagné.
  • Vous souhaitez développer Vvotre activité avec les personnes en 1: 1, en groupes, en retraites, en entreprise
  • Vous cherchez à apprendre comment soutenir les personnes que vous accompagner à la fois en ligne et en personne.

Dans cette formation, vous apprendrez… ​

  • La posture d’un praticien & praticienne
  • Une compréhension approfondie du corps et de la respiration
  • Auto-pratiques pour vous aligner en tant que praticien & praticienne
  • Développer une compréhension plus profonde de la communication du système nerveux et comment maintenir un espace sécuritaire pour la libération émotionnelle
  • Comment organiser des sessions 1:1, des groupes et des sessions Zoom
  • Comment intégrer cette technique pour travailler avec vos clients idéaux, votre bien-être en entreprise, vos groupes et vos retraites.
  • Guide & tips pour mener à bien votre méditation guidée d’accompagnement